I don´t like Outfit postings…
…I don´t do outfit postings.
I´m always thinking that nobody really wants to see what I am wearing. My personal style maybe is like boring compared to other blogger girls. My outfits are nor expensive neither sponsored. I don´t strike perfect poses and I´m not that super skinny. I don´t reach thousands of readers and I will never earn a lot of money with outfit posts.

But guess what? I don´t mind it anymore. For I´m not forcing people to visit my blog they can decide on their own if they want to take a closer look on my personal styles.

Anyways here you can see how I combine white flared pants. These pants are from ZARA and actually real comfortable. Guess I will never wear them while Benaja is around 😀

This Location was quite cool. It is an old indoor swimming pool where the kids are up to mischief!

Some really creepy things laid there, beside shoes chair and swimming items we found thief masks love letter and drug implements.

Top: H&M; Glasses: ZARA; Bracelet: Stella & Dot (shop here)
Pictures taken by talented Photographer and Friend Jeremy http://www.herzensfluestern.de

Hope you liked the pictures!
Xx, Vanessa

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