I found out I really love wearing this kind of green. Ever since I thought I could not wear khaki because it does not suit my skin tone. But out of my sight I was wrong. Maybe I had to become older to like this color. This time I´m wearing all khaki everything… I hope you like it!

V is for various, vast and Vanessa, just in case you wondered what the V has to mean on the picture. And guess what – these sandals are from ZARA and over 5 years old. At one hand we can see ZARA really knows what is great style and on the other hand we see that it is not needed to run after every single hyped piece. When I buy clothes or shoes I do not because they are en vogue right now, but when I feel comfortable with and see myself in this stuff longer than one season. I really try to live the „Buy less, choose well“ Quote since a long time. And I can really recommend to buy less, because all you need is less! More clothes, bags, shoes or make up won´t make you happier or a better human being. And if you are wearing shoes that are five years old but look great on you – you should feel great! Don´t listen to what other people say – it´s your style – wear whatever you want and make it your very own story. (Now you know what I say to myself infront of the mirror everyday :-D)
And let´s waste one sentence for this green studded shoulder denim jacket. This one was in great demand some time ago – almost everyone wanted to wear this jacket. Well, yes it´s a nice one.

I also ordered it from an ebay shop but it got lost in the mail and I never received it (sad, I know but how come I am wearing it?!?!). That means I wasn´t one of the thousand Instagram Girls posing with this green studded jacket in front of the mirror… Was my life worse than theirs? Maybe yes, but certainly not because of the missing jacket.
What I am trying to say is that we should not define ourselves about our clohtes!
The jacket was one time very popular but after some weeks no one wanted to see it anymore – another it piece was found. Just remember the comeback of bomber jackets, Doc Martens, chucks, middle parting and so on… Or are you too in a snit because of all these Cloe Drew Bag pictures everywhere? 😀
And to reveal the secret : I borrowed the jacket from a friend 😉

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Special Thanks to Cristina for taking the pictures and to the coworking space Ligatura for the Location.

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