As you may have recognized – my hair turned pink in December! Yaaassss! It was not really the way I planned it but I liked it. I actually wanted a gentle rose , pastel like. Asking my saleswoman of hairproducts what she’d suggest made her struggle – I think she would not even think about dying her hair! Pink Flamingo would have been my first choice (guess why!) but that would have turned out quite really really pink… I mean like real pink! So I decided to try pink carnation from Directions. Thinking the color could never come out so intensive because my hair are not white – i was wrong! The application was quite easy. No mixing or adding anything. Ready to use. Also I have to admit it’s not expensive! 2 jar were €12,50, but I found an online shop with only about 4€ each.

These days it’s not really special to change the color of hair nor having special colors like purple , grey or even blue and green…. Or all at once! But depending on how old you are, in what city you live and what people expect from you is it still awkward.. But thanks to the World Wide Web we are way much bolder to try new things. Well… Maybe not all of us – but me this time.

And there is this other thing many of us do right now: Wearing hats! Most of them bloggers are wearing hats in their outfit posts. They are more popular  than ever for a good reason. Fitting every outfit and helping when hair are not in a good mood. I love wearing my black hat. It’s from Promod, I bought it last year.

This outfit is one of my favorite so far. This blouse is from Abercrombie & Fitch and I can wear it in so many different ways. The green jacket is so old I do not even remember where I bought it- the label is called OBJECT. I only remember it was reduced from about €70 to €10 or something…


Anyhow when I see these pictures I miss this pink hair already! It was so fresh and made me happy 🙂
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Xx, Vanessa

Hat from Promod (similar here , here , here),
Blouse from Abercrombie and Fitch (similar here , here , here),
Blazer from OBJECT (similar here , here , here), Pants old (similar here or here),
Shoes from Mango (similar here , here)

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