First of all I have to admit that I have only worn these overknees for one single time!
That was when we shot this pictures… Oops!
Second confession is I actually do not love wearing these kind of shoes. Why not you may ask?


I really don’t know where these shoes are from, but I’ll find some and tag them for you down below. What I like about these boots is that they are pointed toe so my legs do not look short. Wearing overknees is difficult when you’re not tall – like me. I also like the suede faux material and well guilty .. The color! Black is always been my happy color even more my stepfather never allowed me to wear all black. (He always asked if my granny died and he missed it. Not funny I know.)

I also like grey ones combined with jeans or leather pants!

How do you like this post? Do you want to see more outfits or something different?

Xx, Vanessa
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I’m not a fan of these shoes because they are at one hand only a fad. I never like to run after something that mainstream.
On the other side they symbolize a kind of slutty style.
Well I don’t mean that I’m the same opinion. Worn the right way they can really look classy. But you all know these kind of people who wrinkle their nose when seeing you with over knee boots.
Not that it unsettles me but basically I try not to stand out by inadequate dressing. In my opinion one always has to show respect with their clothing.

This look wasn’t even complete. I forgot some accessories and items I wanted to combine with. But we were about to take the pictures and thought it will be all good with out any other frippery. That’s why some of you may think that something is missing to call it an „perfect look“… But never mind. I do not care about what other fashionistas may say bad about me or my outfits. For the reason I never titled myself a Fashionblogger I take out that right to whether to call it an outfit post or not. On the other hand I know Fashionblogs that present the very same looks every time or it’s not even presentable as a look. I don’t want to be vicious just honest…


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